Office and Cubicle Decor

Is your office drab and boring? Try decorating your cubicle and workspace with these decor options! This simple hack will keep you motivated and energized at work. #organization

If you work a corporate job, you probably spend 20% of your time at the office. If you aren’t totally in love with your job, it’s easy to drag your feet heading. But what if your cubicle were a productivity zone, decorated in a way that sparked your creativity and got you excited to work? Here are some great office or cubicle decor tips!

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Future Planning with a Planner

Future Planning, Using a Planner to Supplement your Professional Bullet Journal

Future planning with a bullet journal can be tough. Anyone with a hectic job is juggling today’s to-do’s and trying to remember what they were supposed to follow up on from last week. My last job was super crazy. I had a large number of requests, tasks, actions, and follow-ups that I was managing. At … Read more

Managing Daily Work

Tired of hearing that OneNote and Outlook are the only two tools needed to be organized? You’ve tried going digital and it just isn’t for you? I’m with you. I am not one of those people. For as long as I can remember, I have always written notes. I keep handwritten notes for to-do’s, grocery lists, meeting minutes, you name it. This is why keeping a notebook works so well for me.

For my tasks, I follow “true” Bullet Journal methodology.

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