Getting Started

Getting Started

The hardest part is getting started. Whether its rolling out of bed to begin your day or touching pen to paper to write a paper. I’d be lying if I said publishing this first post wasn’t a bit of a struggle. I spent so long trying to decide what the first post should be. Do I do an introductory, fluffy post? Do I jump right in and start posting details of my work notebook? Even with all this difficulty, I knew that I should just started.

If you are struggling with starting a bullet journal or devising the perfect organization system, it’s okay. Just pick something and start. The beauty of the Bullet Journal system or making your own notebook is that we can rewrite, revise, and try again. It took me about a year before I found a weekly layout that worked for me. (More details to come in a following post!) The only reason why I was even able to figure out what worked best was trial and error.

For the people out there that have a “good” organization system… Good is the enemy of great. I have used many planners that only partially met my needs. Sometimes, I would even continue using a system that didn’t work because I felt committed or didn’t have a better alternative at hand.

Quick – jot down a couple things you like about your system. What works? What doesn’t work? Do you have way more tasks to do on the weekend? Do you have blank weekends because you don’t work at all? Do you need a tool to help you visually see when deadlines are approaching? Write it down. I believe that through evaluation of your needs, you can develop a system that works for you.

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