Meal Prepping for Productivity

Are you trying to eat healthy but cooking takes too long and too much preparation? Meal Prep and planning can greatly reduce your stress level. You'll eat healthier and feel better with these great tips.

One of the big changes I made last year was I started meal prepping. Before you write this post off as off-topic, hear me out. I had changed jobs. I was eating out all the time. I was stressed and would come home and have a glass of wine and eat ice cream. At some point, I had a business dinner and none of my suits fit. Not even the one that I bought two sizes of pants for in the off chance I put on some weight. I had put on a serious amount of weight. While planning my meals out and eating healthier helped me shed some of the weight, I became less stressed. Meal prepping made me less stressed and helped me stay organized.

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Why You Should Number the Pages in Your Notebook

Notebook Page Numbers, How using notebook page numbers can help you stay organized and increase your productivity. The Paper Gazer.

I was recently asked why notebook page numbers are important. It then occurred to me that people don’t know this simple productivity hack. How many of you have spent time wondering if you are leaving enough space for meeting notes? Do you use separate notebooks for work or different subjects just so your notes are organized? Have you rethought your paper notes in lieu of electronic notes that you can search? Page numbers can help you be more organized in your business notebook and more productive at work. Here’s why.

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Productivity Tip

Productivity Tip, The Paper Gazer

Do you know what you need to do when you get into work on Monday morning? Take 15-30 minutes to think about your top weekly priorities. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and more focused. When you know what your goals are for the week, you can act deliberately. I recommend making a list of the Top 3 focus items for week. It’s easy to get pulled into email when you first come into the office on Monday. Stay focused on those Top 3 and be sure to move the needle every day.