Managing Daily Work: Routine Tasks

Recognizing and understanding how long your daily, routine tasks take to complete is crucial to having a successful work organization system.

Think about the tasks that you do all the time. Checking your email. Calling a supplier. Calling a customer. Filling an order. Grading homework. Patient charts. Each of our jobs have different “routine” tasks. I made huge strides in work organization when I became very realistic about how long it takes for me to do these routine tasks.

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Managing Daily Work

Tired of hearing that OneNote and Outlook are the only two tools needed to be organized? You’ve tried going digital and it just isn’t for you? I’m with you. I am not one of those people. For as long as I can remember, I have always written notes. I keep handwritten notes for to-do’s, grocery lists, meeting minutes, you name it. This is why keeping a notebook works so well for me.

For my tasks, I follow “true” Bullet Journal methodology.

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Getting Started

The hardest part is getting started. Whether its rolling out of bed to begin your day or touching pen to paper to write a paper. I’d be lying if I said publishing this first post wasn’t a bit of a struggle. I spent so long trying to decide what the first post should be. Do I do an introductory, fluffy post? Do I jump right in and start posting details of my work notebook? Even with all this difficulty, I knew that I should just started.

If you are struggling with starting a bullet journal or devising the perfect organization system, it’s okay. Just pick something and start. The beauty of the Bullet Journal system or making your own notebook 

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