The Paper Gazer, Work Organization and Productivity Tips for the Professional

How did this start?

Personally, I have extensive experience with different planners and task management systems. (This stems from an obsession with pens and paper that started when I was a kid diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder but has since carried over to my adult life.) This experience has lead to me often helping friends and family select the planners that best suit their needs or introduce bullet journalling to colleagues.

I recognize that everyone’s mind works differently. The organization system that works for your best friend might not be right for you. Similarly, our needs change over time. My organization system for a research engineering role is much different than the organization system I used in a fast-paced supply chain environment. It is important for us to adapt our organization system to fit our needs.

Why The Paper Gazer?

There are plenty of planner sites and bullet journal groups out there. Most of them are great, but few are “bullet journal at work” oriented. The content on The Paper Gazer is focused on professional work and task management but feel free to translate and apply these methods to personal life. I wanted to create a site with professionals and the organization needs of working adults in mind.

Hopefully the tips and articles on this site prove useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. We can even set up 1-1 coaching if you would like individual attention.

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